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Your goods deserve the best transport materials. Transport Van Caudenberg - Debrouwer invests on a regular basis in the fleet so we can deploy the transport materials that fit best for the job. We invite you to take a look at our fleet.

Our fleet contains: 

  • 35 vans of which 30 are equiped for ADR and Class 7 transport
  • 10 fixed (distribution) trucks (with fixed-platforms and sliding sails) all equipped with a tailgate

  • 35 trucks, with different versions

  • 6 cranes, each with different lifting and loading capacities, all fitted with a suitable trailer
  • 100 trailers (sail trailers, open low bed trailers (with or without approved side panels), closed box trailers, fridge trailers, low bed trailers with ramps, ...)

  • Truck-mounted forklifts (can be combined with both sail trailers and open trailers)

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  • Avenue Newton 6, 1300 Wavre
  • Avenue Lavoisier 8B, 1300 Wavre
  • Van Caudenberg: BE.0407.256.082
  • Debrouwer: BE.0451.658.625